Islamic Finance Data, Models & Experiences

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Islamic Finance Data, Models & Experiences

Islamic Financial Services Industry Stability Report 2019
by: IFSB

The Consequences of Zakat for Capital accumulation
by: Norulazidah P.H. Omar Ali & Gareth D. Myles

Operational model of futures contract trading In Iran Mercantile Exchange
by:  Mahmoud Reza Khajenasiri

Is Equity Financed Budget Deficit Stable In An Interest Free Economy

After the credit crunch the future of shariah compliant sustainable investing
by: Abul Hassan

by: Ramzi A. Zuhdi

Islamic Banking and Finance in the EUROPEAN UNION
by: Fahim Khan & Mario Porzio

Islamic Finance in the UK regulation and challenges
by: Michael Ainley & others

Measuring the Economic Performance of Islamic Banks in Palestine
by: Ahmad Asad Ibrahim Mahmoud & Radiah Abdul Kader

Problems and Challenges Facing the Islamic Banking System in the West The Case of the UK
by: Yusuf Karbhari & Kamal Naser & Zerrin Shahin

Prospects and Problems of Islamic Banking from Bank’s Perspective A study of Bangladesh
by: Muhammad Z Mamun

Risk return analysis of Islamic banks investment deposits and shareholders fund
by: Saiful Azhar Rosly and Mohammad Ashadi Mohd. Zaini

The application of the AAOIFI accounting standards by the Islamic banking sector in Saudi Arabia
by: AI-Abdullatif, Sultan Abdullah

The Development of Islamic finance in the UK
by: Michael Ainley, & others

Islamic Banking In Some Selected Countries

  Indonesian Islamic Banking Outlook  2010

Why is interest prohibited in Islam A statistical justification
by: MohammadZakirHossain

Islamic banking the case of algeria
by: Abdelhafid Benamraoui

Legal and regulatory issues of Islamic finance in Australia
by: Abu Umar Faruq Ahmad & M. Kabir Hassan

A Comparison Between Islamic And Conventional Home Financing In Kuwait

An Investigation of User Perceptions of Islamic Banking Practices in the United Kingdom
by :SAEED AKBAR, Syed Zulfiqar Ali Shah, Shahin Kalmadi

Guiding Principles on Stress Testing for Institutions offering Islamic Financial Services by:IFSB

interest free banking profit sharing and the islamic macroecinomic system
Zaidi Sattar