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A Comprehensive Study of the Global Sukuk Market; July 2017 - 6th Edition
by: IIFM

a New Approach to Product Development in Islamic Finance
by: Muhammad Rehan Tahir

Introduction to Ijarah Sukuk Current Structures and Future Prospect
by: Salman Syed Ali

Legal Infrastructure of Sukuk Structures
by: Omar Salah

Sukuk Bond: The Global Islamic financial instrument
by: Salman Shaikh and Shan Saeed

Sukuk: Definition Structure and accounting issues
by: Khalil Ahmed

A note on debt selling and their impact on Islamic bank value
by:Abdul Ghafar Ismail & Karmila Hanim Kamil

From Asset-backed to asset-light structures the intricate history of sukuk
by: Rafe Haneef

Islamic Securitization After the Credit Crisis
by: Andreas A. Jobst

Issuing and Listing Sukuk in France how to take advantage of the attractive french legal and tax environment

Waqf through Sukuk Al-Intifa’a A Proposed Generic model
by: Muhamad Kholid & Raditya Sukmana & Kamal Abdul Kareem H