Requirements and conditions to realize single-digit inflation in Iran and its significance in acceleration and promotion of economic growth were discussed in an interview with Professor Markus C. Kerber. He considers disinflation as a pre-requisite for economic growth; therefore, curbing inflation is a part of the government policy to promote growth. He mentions price stabilization, a contract between the government and the central bank regarding inflation, transparency and accountability, and independent evaluation of monetary policies as among requirements of structural reforms. Kerber recommends that the Iranian labour market requires more flexibility.
In an interview with MBRI, Professor Naoki Tabata, Senior Advisor in Japan Economic Research Institute, suggests the net value of NPLs to be calculated prior to write-off. He argues that a public corporation is needed to buy NPLs of the banks to resolve the problem of illiquidity. Meanwhile the corporate sector ought to be made more profitable and the central bank should enhance its supervision on banking activities.
On his last day of visit to the US to attend IMF spring meeting, Dr. Seif, the governor of the central of Iran, ...
Addressing the second day of the 24th Conference on Monetary and Exchange Policies, the minister of Industry, Mines and Commerce, Mr. Nematzadeh, emphasized that it was important to limit liquidity growth and direct it towards production units as a major step to curb inflation.
The minister of Road and Urban Development, Mr.Abbas AKhoundi opened the second day of the conference by focusing on the importance of applying discipline in the financial and banking system of Iran. As a member of the new government’s cabinet, Mr. Akoundi reiterated the government’s commitment to curb inflation through controlling monetary base instead of relying on imports and foreign currency revenue consumption.
In an interview with ISNA news agency, Dr. Seif, the governor of the central bank of Islamic Republic of Iran, released the news about more banking cooperation between Iran and Turkey.